Baby Gear Delivered to you

At home luxury and comfort, on vacation.

Get all the baby gear you need delivered right to your vacation rental!

How it Works:

Choose the gear you would like to rent.

We offer a wide range of items including cribs & other sleep items, strollers & wagons, toys, high chairs, and much more!

Tell us where you want it delivered.

Confirm the time, date, and location you would like for us to deliver your items.
Then just pay right online!

Enjoy your vacay & easy stay!

On arrival day, we’ll deliver your items right to you, and you can enjoy your easy and convenient vacay!

Join the e-fam & Save $10 on Your First Purchase!

No need to pack all the bulky baby gear…

We all know how much harder it is to travel with a baby. From the strollers, to the car seats, pack n plays, jumpers, changing tables, toys, and more… it makes it quite difficult. And, there is no way you’re taking that changing table or jumper on the plane!

Now with our rentals, you don’t have to worry about lugging all that baby (or beach!) gear with you! You can rent safe and clean baby gear, and have it delivered right to your vacation rental!

At the end of your trip, we’ll come pick it all up so you can head home without the hassle. 

Just pack the essentials and we’ll take care of the rest!

Delivery Options

Local Delivery

Leave the heavy lifting to us!
We’ll deliver everything right to your hotel, resort, or vacation rental. If you would like, we can even set it all up for you.

Airport Dropoff

Flying in and need a car seat?
We got you covered! We can deliver your car seats and gear right to the airport!
High quality, clean car seats – delivered!

We’ve Got You Covered


High Quality Items


Cleaned & Sanitized between each rental


Delivered Right to You!

Got Pics? Tag us!


We love to see kiddos enjoying their trip!
You might even see them pop up in our feed!


• This little babe gets to bounce poolside this week 😍💙

• We’ve got everything you could need and more so you can have the at home luxury and comforts, on vacation. ✨

• Check us out here! ⬇️

• Need a crib for your travels? ❓

• Call on us! 📞 We deliver safe and clean cribs right to your vacation rental!! 🏝️🚚

• No worries, no stress, no lugging things along. Just pack the essentials, and we’ll handle the rest. ✨

• Check us out HERE! ⬇️

• A rental fave - the Evenflo Pivot Stroller Wagon 🤩

• No matter where you go, this wagon is sure to please! It’s capable of going not only on solid ground but also rougher terrain and even the sand. 🏝️

• It’s got 2 seats (with seatbelts!), 2 shades, cup holders + snack trays, and even an extra basket for storage. ✨

• We know you’ll love it as much as we do!! Check it out here! ⬇️

• There’s just some things that aren’t real practical to take on an airplane. ✈️ When you’ve got multiple kiddos in diapers it’s near impossible to pack all the diapers you need for a 10 day vacation 😅

• We have the solution! Introducing our Amazon Delivery Service 🚚 ✨

• When you select this service we’ll send you our address so that you can send all the diapers, wipes, baby food, and extra essential you need to us. On delivery day, we’ll bring your packages to you along with your other rental items. You can be assured everything will get to you right on time and don’t have to worry about ordering or shipping all these things after you arrive. 🙌

• Check it out here! ⬇️

• Looking for a double stroller? The Zoe Twin+ Double Stroller might be just what you need! ✨

• This SUPER lightweight stroller is a side by side with the option of adding a THIRD seat 😍 (rented separately). Both seats recline, have a 5 point harness and a sunshade. It also includes a basket underneath for storage. 👏

• You won’t believe how lightweight this stroller is!! AND it’s even Disney approved!

• Learn more about it here: ⬇️

• This beach babe is ready for some GOOD sleep!! 😴 💤

• We provide all the baby & beach gear you need for your getaway 🏝️ making it smooth and easy! ✨

• Everything is cleaned and sanitized between EVERY rental so you can rest assured the gear you get will be clean and safe for your kiddos. 👶 🧼

• Learn more about us here! ⬇️

• Raise your hand if you love Wonderfold 🤚♥️

• We LOVE having this wagon in our fleet! It comfortably seats 4 littles, has a canopy for shade, and even has an insulated storage compartment! 🤩

• Bonus! Even if you only have 2-3 kiddos it’s still great because you have extra storage room! We all know that’s much needed! 👏

• Have you tried it out yet?
Check it out here: ⬇️

• Traveling soon?❓

• Check out Kiddos Baby & Beach Rentals! 👶🏝️

• We have everything you need for a smooth and easy vacation with kiddos! Never worry about where your kiddos will sleep, their safety, or getting around. We’ve got all the at home luxuries and comforts ♥️

• Check us out here! ⬇️

• With Kiddos Baby & Beach Rentals you can get all the at home luxury and comfort, on vacation! 🏝️ 👶

• AND have it delivered right to your vacation rental! 🚚

• Everything is rented right from our website and we’re available by phone 7 days a week. Reach out with any questions you may have! 💬📞⬇️

• We offer everything from carriers to cribs! Literally.

• This sweet kiddo is enjoying our Moby Wrap ♥️

• If you don’t want to worry about packing any of the baby essentials, you know where to go! 👶⬇️

• Did you know?! ⁉️ WE DELIVER!

• Not only do we deliver but we can also do all the setup for you, and we can even have it ready before you arrive! 🚚

• We’re here to make it easy for you ✨ At checkout just let us know in the notes where you’d like it set up and we are happy to accommodate. It makes putting the kiddos down after a long day of travel just a bit easier!

• The twins who got these cribs loved them so much they already booked their next trip back!! We’re so excited to see them again!! 😍♥️

• Ready to book your trip? ⬇️

• What’s worse than lugging a car seat through the airport? Most parents would say, not much! 😅

• That’s why we’re here!! We rent safe and clean car seats and deliver them both to the airport or to your vacation rental (or grandparents/friends/family’s house!)✨

• We carefully inspect all our car seats to make sure they are safe for your kiddos, and clean them in between every rental. 🧼

• No more struggling with both kids and car seats in tow! 🙌 What’s better? We even have a small car rental fleet 🚘 and can leave the car seats right inside the car at the airport for you! #vacayhacks ✨

• Ready to rent? Check it all out HERE! ⬇️

• One of our most popular items is our Joovy Nook High Chair. 🍽️

• Guests love not only how modern and stylish is, but how functional it is. It folds up very compactly for easy transport and storage, has a 5 point harness system, and has a removable tray and is made with a smooth leatherette for easy cleaning! ✨

• Though it may be portable, as you can see by the base, it is VERY sturdy! Not something you can say about about most foldable high chairs.

• These always book up fast! We’re actually constantly adding more because they’re becoming more and more popular. We hope you’ll give one a try on your next rental! ♥️

• Check it out here ⬇️

• Delivery! 🚚 👶

• We have multiple delivery options to fit your needs. We can coordinate delivery before you arrive and have it set up for you, or we can deliver after you arrive. In addition we can set everything up, or just drop it off so you can decide where it goes. We try to have an option for everyone! ✨

• Sometimes you may prefer to have everything set up and ready, and sometimes you may want to feel it out yourself and see what to do. No matter what you feel, we try out best to accommodate you and your schedule! 😎

• Learn more about us here! ⬇️

• Did you know? ❓❓❓

• You can RENT cribs and have them DELIVERED right to your vacation rentals! 🚚😎

• Not only cribs, but almost any other item you need for your kiddos too! Now you can have all the at home comfort and luxury, on vacation. ✨

• What items would you like to rent? Leave a comment! 💬

• Check us out here! ⬇️

• Every gotten somewhere and realized you don’t have everything you need for your kiddos? No worries - Kiddos to the rescue! 💪

• When this family arrived they realized there were a few unsafe areas they needed gates for, and we were able to help! We got the call and ran some gates right over! ✨

• We love being part of the solution and assisting with safety. Knowing these parents minds are at ease and their babies are safe makes us happier than ever! 😎

• Learn more about us here! ⬇️

• Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃

• This is one of our favorite holidays. Life gets so busy and it’s all too easy to let it slip by without taking much time to be thankful. Just wanted to put it out there and encourage y’all to take a moment today and in the days to come for all the little blessings in our lives.

• Being thankful, especially for the little things, will take us so far. Happy Thanksgiving from the Kiddos fam! We hope you all have a FANTASTIC day and get to spend it with those you love most ♥️

• Say hi to Jon! 👋

• He’s one of our owners and in addition to all the stuff he does behind the scenes, you’ll see him out delivering sometimes too! 🚚

• “I love that we are able to provide a service that helps make family’s trips stress free. Its so awesome that now moms don’t have to pack it all, and dads don’t have to lug it all state to state! Now you can have more time to enjoy your vacay and less time worrying about what to bring.”

• What do you love about our service? ❓
Learn more about us here! ⬇️

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