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Here you will find some of our most commonly asked questions.

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Where do you deliver to?

We service Sarasota, FL and surrounding areas including: Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach, Bradenton, Parrish, Ellenton, Lakewood Ranch, Palmer Ranch, University Park, & more!

Flying in? We can also meet you at SRQ Airport!
Please note: There is a $25 airport surcharge.

Do you offer customer pickups?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer customer pickups. But stay tuned! We are working on a customer showroom and pickup location! 

Can I select my delivery time?

Yes! At checkout you will select a 2 hour delivery window. The day before your reservation we will reach out to confirm. If you have any special requests or specific check in/out times you have to leave by, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

Please note that the delivery window you select is a “REQUESTED Delivery Time” and is not guaranteed. We do our absolute best to fit you into that time slot, and usually don’t have any problems with it. On very busy days we may have to adjust the time window in order to get to everyone in a timely manner. If this is the case we will let you know the adjusted time window the day before. 

Whether your time window was adjusted or not, we will also send our eta on the way to you so you have a heads up. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

Do I need to be present at delivery?

While we always love meeting our customers, you do not have to be present at delivery. As long as we have access to the room/house, we are happy to drop off your items before you arrive!

Please note: after items are dropped off they are the responsibility of the customer, even if you are not there. If you would like us to leave the items, please just make sure there is a safe place to do so. 

What is your delivery fee?

Our delivery fee is just a flat $25! This includes both delivery, pickup, and setup (when requested).

Do you offer contactless delivery/pickup?

Yes we do! Just let us know you would like this option and we will drop your gear off at the location you provide, and let you know when it is there!

When is the best time to book?

 We always suggest booking as soon as you know what items you need, because certain items sell out fast. We can always edit your reservation after booking if you realize you forgot an item. 

That being said, anytime is great to book! We do not require any specific amount of time before your reservation starts, but please note that if you book the day of or before your reservation, we cannot guarantee your reservation time. We generally can accommodate them and we will do our very best to! 

Any same day reservations have a $50 same day fee and delivery time cannot be guaranteed. Please choose your preferred time at booking and we will do our very best to get it to you during that time! As soon as you book we will reach out to coordinate drop-off. If you have any questions before or after booking please don’t hesitate to reach out!

What are your hours?

We are available by call, text, or email 8am-8pm, and deliver 8am-6pm Monday-Sunday. We deliver every day of the week and even some holidays! 

If you have any requests outside hours, we can usually accommodate.
Please note, in some cases a $50 after hours or holiday fee may occur. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Please note: If an order is placed after business hours for the next day, this counts as a “Same Day” order and is subject to a $50 Same Day fee. Any messages received after hours will count as received the next business day. Sometimes you may find us available outside of hours! However, this still applies. 

What is Florida Law on car seats?

Check out FLHSMV’s website HERE for more information.  

Please note: for safety and liability reasons, we do NOT install car seats. Instructions will be provided when possible, and manuals can be found online if you need help installing. Thanks for understanding!

What is your cancellation and change policy?

We understand, plans change! Any reservations canceled within 8+ days can be refunded, minus a 10% cancellation fee. Reservations canceled 3-7 days before will be refunded 50%, and any reservations canceled 0-2 days before are non-refundable. 

If you need to cancel your reservation, please email us and we will help you do so.

In the off chance we have to cancel your order, any reservations canceled by Kiddos will be refunded in full.


Changes to orders are subject to this same policy.
Need to add items?
If you need to add items to your order, we will do our best to accommodate! As long as we have the items in stock, it shouldn’t be an issue to add onto an order.
Need to cancel items from your order?
Cancelled items are subject to the cancellation refund policy. Any items canceled within 8+ days can be refunded, minus a 10% cancellation fee. Items canceled 3-7 days before will be refunded 50%, and 0-2 days before are non-refundable. 

Please note: All requests must be made within business hours. Any requests submitted after business hours will be treated as received the next business day.
Example: If a cancellation or change order is requested after 8pm on Tuesday (or any day, Tuesday is solely an example day), it will be treated as received on Wednesday (the following business day, whichever day this falls on).
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! 

Do you have a minimum amount of days I have to rent?

We have a 3 day minimum rental, outside of that you can rent for as many or few days as you wish! 

What happens if an item is lost/broken?

If an item is lost or broken, a full replacement fee will be charged to the customer. 
This applies to items left unattended at time of pickup/drop off as well. 
Please note: some items have irreplaceable pieces, so if pieces are lost replacement fee will be charged for the entire item. Thanks for understanding!

Are your items cleaned and sanitized between rentals?

Absolutely! We don’t want to just lay our baby anywhere, and we know you don’t either. Each item is meticulously cleaned and cared for. Between every rental items and linens are cleaned and sanitized with natural, nontoxic, baby safe products. 
The health of you and your littles is of the utmost importance to us!

How do you calculate days in a rental?

We count each day you select as 1 day. For example, if your reservation started on Saturday and lasted until the following Saturday, that would count as 8 days. 
This is because we do not double book items. We want to ensure we have adequate time to clean and sanitize them between rentals to meet our high standards. 

Do you offer long term discounts?

We appreciate you choosing us! Any items booked for 30+ days will have a 25% discount automatically applied at checkout. 

For anything less than that, you can find current coupons or special offers on our website!

What is included in the delivery fee?

The delivery fee includes delivery and set up of the items (excluding car seats or any safety items). Some customers prefer us to just drop the items off so they can figure out where they would like them, and that is fine too!
The delivery fee also includes pickup of the same items on the day of your choosing. 

If we have to make another trip out to your location, an additional delivery fee will be charged. This is typically a 1 way charge of the delivery fee. 

The delivery fee is calculated based on your location and distance from us. If for any reason you need to change the pickup/dropoff location, the delivery fee will be adjusted accordingly. 
We reserve the right to edit the delivery fee based on location, if for any reason it is needed to do so. 

What fees do you have?

We try to keep our fees as low as possible!

We have a flat delivery fee of $25. This includes both delivery and pickup, and setup if you would like.

We do charge mandatory tax, but do not have a service fee or anything like that.

The only other fee we have is a $50 same day fee. This only applies to orders placed for delivery the same day, or orders placed outside business hours (8am-8pm), for delivery the same or next day. 
The reason this fee is charged is because our prep and schedule is finalized in the days leading up to delivery day. This fee accommodates the extra prep and rearranging of the schedule in order to get your order to you in the most timely fashion. For more about same day orders see, “Can You Accommodate Same Day Orders?”. 

Can you accommodate same day orders?

We almost always can!

The only time we may not be able to is if your order is placed in the second half of the day and our schedule is already full. Other than that we can almost always accommodate same day orders!

One thing to note about same day orders is you must be able to be flexible on delivery time. At checkout you will select a requested delivery time. We will do our very best to accommodate this request, but please note that especially on same day orders it is not always possible to. It is dependent on our existing schedule and how many delivery drivers we have in the area. As soon as the order is placed, we will be contact with you to arrange drop off!

Please note there will be a $50 same day fee applied to orders placed for delivery the same day, or orders placed outside business hours (8am-8pm), for delivery the same or next day.
The reason this fee is charged is because our prep and schedule is finalized in the days leading up to delivery day. This fee accommodates the extra prep and rearranging of the schedule in order to get your order to you in the most timely fashion. 

If you have any questions about orders, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Will I meet the owners?

It is very likely! Owners, Jon & Tatiana spend countless hours preparing items and deliveries, coordinating with customers, and helping out customers in any way that they can. 

“We truly love this business! We love getting to meet all the people and families that come to our area, and especially see them year after year! We care deeply about your satisfaction and experience with Kiddos. We have very high standards on cleanliness and upkeep of our items and always do our best to make sure they will make you happy. We hope to meet you and your family soon!”

What happens if the gear comes back broken or really dirty?

You are responsible for keeping the gear in the same condition it was delivered in. Please do not allow eating or drinking in any of the gear other than high chairs, or smoking around any of the gear. 
Please clean high chairs down after use, and before returning. While we do not expect a deep clean to be done, we do expect any food or residue to be wiped out. 
Please keep toys in the areas they are designated for. Toy bins should always remain indoors and away from water! We also offer a bath toy package, beach toys, and outdoor toys. These toys are all to remain in their designated spaces or damage could be cause to them. If toys are lost or used improperly, there will be a $50 replacement fee charged after your rental ends.
If any gear comes back extra dirty, a $50 cleaning fee will be charged per item. 
We cannot rent items if they smell like smoke, so for any gear that comes back with smoke residue, a full replacement fee will be charged for each item. 

In the event that any items are lost or broke, a fee will be charged for repair (if applicable) or full replacement. 

Do you install car seats?

We have a very strict policy prohibiting us from installing car seats. Manuals will be provided for car seats when possible, and can always be found online. Sometimes videos are even available and are super helpful! 

If you need help installing, we can direct you where to go to have it installed. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do! The health and safety of you and your littles is the most important to us!


M-S: 8am-8pm


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