Wilson Football

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Spend hours of fun in the sun with this Wilson Football! Perfect for the beach, park, backyard, or wherever your adventures take you!

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The Wilson Football is ready for hours of play among all ability levels. The composite leather cover is easier to catch and offers a softer feel than traditional leather. All four panels are sewed together around the bladder, not glued on, which increases the durability of the ball by eliminating the possibility of panels peeling off when the glue weakens. Micro-textured laces provide enhanced throwing grip. This football is the NCAA’s official size, recommended for ages 14 and up.
  • Official Size of the NCAA game footballs and recommended for ages 14 and up:
    • High quality rubber bladder helps retain air longer (inflate 7-9 PSI)
    • Composite leather is softer than traditional leather, making for easier catches for all abilities
    • Panels sewed at the seams provides more durability than panels glued on to the bladder
    • Painted stripes mimic the look of official college game footballs
    • Micro-textured laces provide enhanced throwing grip


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